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Warranty Programmes

EASYDRIVE is one of the main players in the Italian warranty market. Its strength is based on established experience and know-how acquired over the years in the extended warranties and used vehicles business.

The undisputed leadership of EASYDRIVE is witnessed by various car and equipment manufacturers and large fleet companies that have appointed us as their preferred supplier: very few companies in Italy have such a record.

The consolidated success of EASYDRIVE is a confirmation for the peace of mind of Customers that every day use their vehicles or boats, knowing that they can rely on a trustable company that is always there for them.

Bosch BOSCH Jaguar Landrover Jaguar - Landrover Italy S.p.A. Nissan Nissan Italy
Iveco IVECO S.p.A. Opel GM Italy LeasysLeasys S.p.A. ED-WMS EASYDRIVE / WMS